Sarah Fiorello

Sarah Fiorello of Brooktondale, Tompkins County, NY

How long have you been involved as a volunteer?

Since 2014

What is your volunteer role at FLLT?  What kinds of work do you do here?

Every summer, I lead a trek at the Ellis Hollow Nature Preserve. This walk is geared towards kids with their families. I bring lots of nets and collecting boxes and we hike to a woodland stream where we sample the stream for all kids of aquatic species. The kids are always delighted to find small fish, crayfish, frogs, salamanders, mayflies, caddisflies, water striders and countless other insect species.


Why do you volunteer?

I love to provide opportunities for anyone, especially children, to explore and discover their natural environment more deeply.

What’s your favorite FLLT activity and/or preserve, and why? 

Roy H. Park Preserve is my favorite preserve because it is less than a 10 minute drive from my house and the trails pass through such a diversity of habitats: successional forest, pine plantings, older growth and riparian woods. The two-mile round trip hike is a perfect distance for a family hike with our two young boys.

Anything else you want to add?

One of the reasons my husband and I wanted to stay in Ithaca to raise a family is the open spaces available to hike and explore. Regardless of where you live in Tompkins County, you are not far from a trail head leading through a beautiful natural area. We can give the Finger Lakes Land Trust a big “thank you” for that!