Photo: Rick Lightbody


How do we protect over 25,000 acres and host 25 events per year?  Volunteers!  Our devoted corps does everything from clearing trails to organizing events.  Choose one of the volunteer types below and use the signup form!  Also see some volunteer stories.


  • Type of work:  Outdoor field work at our nature preserves.
  • Ideal for:  Folks who feel physically able to clear trails, climb hills, and build stuff.

Educational Hike Leader

  • Type of work:  Leading hikes in our “Talks & Treks” educational series.
  • Ideal for:  Good speakers with knowledge of ecology, geology, plants, animals, etc.


  • Type of work:  Visual media for marketing, fundraising, promotion, and outreach.
  • Ideal for:  People with skills in photography, videography, and communications.

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Signing up to be a volunteer will subscribe you to our monthly email newsletter, The Living Land, with the latest conservation news in the Finger Lakes (if you are not already subscribed).  You can unsubscribe from that at any time.

More About Our Trailblazers

The Finger Lakes Land Trust depends on a network of dedicated volunteers from the community, called Trailblazers, to help us accomplish good things at our network of nature preserves.

After you sign up for the Trailblazers, you will get an email from time to time asking if you can help with a variety of projects.  They may include:

  • Establishing new trails and maintaining existing trails
  • Building kiosks or bridges
  • Collecting litter
  • Controlling non-native invasive plants

These are typically group activities and a great way to meet other land trust supporters and outdoors people while also giving something back to the preserves.

We need Trailblazers more than anything else.  With over 35 publicly accessible nature preserves to maintain, there’s always lots to do. Please signup for “Trailblazers” in the form if you can give a couple days a year to the Trailblazer team.  It’s a great way to get outdoors with other good people.

Work days occur in different seasons, and locations vary around the Finger Lakes region.  You can feel free to sign up for whichever ones fit your schedule and abilities and interests.

Preserve Stewards

In addition to the Trailblazer list, we also engage volunteers as Stewards of a particular nature preserve.  Stewards are people who can commit to longer-term assistance and help to take care of our preserves by visiting them regularly throughout the year.  If you are interested in this type of volunteering, please email Jason Gorman, our Land Steward, and he can provide you with more details.


If you are interested in finding out about college internship opportunities with the Finger Lakes Land Trust, please email Jason Gorman.