Meet just a few FLLT members who are advancing our mission and vision. Learn how you can help us save more land by becoming a member.

Alli Sribarra

I think the work that FLLT does to conserve land is critical to protect biodiversity.

Yayoi Koizumi

I think the protection of remaining natural areas is of paramount importance.

Scott D. Doyle

The landscapes of the Finger Lakes have shaped the memories of my youth.

Ian Golden

I have a vested interest in ensuring Ithaca’s natural resources remain for generations to come.

Ted Marks

I sincerely believe in the beauty of the Finger Lakes.

Lindsay France

I love checking in on the work of the beavers in the pond at Lindsay-Parsons.

Mark Chao

I am crazy about birds. The best way to protect birds is to preserve habitat.

Melissa Enns

FLLT ensures that anyone can explore and appreciate the natural beauty of our region.

Buzz Roberts

Members since 1997, we enjoy hiking and skiing in the preserves.

Ellen Harrison

The natural world is vital to our physical and mental well-being.