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Each year, we save roughly 1,000 more acres of the Finger Lakes region, protecting lands and waters that we all love.  How do we do it?  Powered by you.  Join today, protect your land, volunteer.

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Protecting Water Quality in the Finger Lakes Region

Help us fight toxic algae (HABs) and keep our lakes, streams, and drinking water clean.

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10 Conservation Strategies for the Finger Lakes Region

The Finger Lakes Land Trust presents a bold new agenda for saving lands and waters.

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Do our members, landowners, and volunteers make a difference? How many acres are protected? How many feet of lakeshore are saved? Do your gifts matter?

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We need you!  Our members, volunteers, and landowners make conservation happen.  Sign up to volunteer, and see "people stories" about a few great Land Trust supporters.

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People Stories: You Can Help, Too!

See how our volunteers, members, and landowners make conservation happen.

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Video: A Farmland Conservation Story

How 2 sisters conserved the farmland that has been in their family for 200 years.

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