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Conservation Videos

Please enjoy these short movies about protecting special places in the Finger Lakes region. You can see many more on our YouTube channel and receive them in our monthly email news.

Capital Campaign

The $22 million effort to protect our lands and waters

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“Let It Be Known”

Let it be known that people in the Finger Lakes region LOVE these lands and waters. Watch this short movie summarizing the successful conclusion of the capital campaign Finger Lakes Forever.

“Finger Lakes Forever”

Watch as Executive Director Andy Zepp and fellow conservationists discuss themes central to the campaign, including: water quality and toxic algae, climate change, trails and public access, farmlands and rural character, and tourism and local economies.

“Voices in Favor of Forever”

Should we protect the most inspiring and sensitive places in the Finger Lakes region… for another year? Another generation? Another century? Watch as 10 people share their voices in favor of conserving land and water FOREVER. Below you can also see short interviews of each supporter.

Lynden Archer

Mark Chao

Pam Helming

Niraj Lama

Rebecca Schneider

Wendell Weeks

Patience Brewster

Betsy Darlington

Anna Kelles

David Muir

Henry Scholl

Summer Specials

Inspirational messages from our Annual Meetings

“The Magic of Places Like These”

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“Our Forever Work”

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Special Places

A few recent projects you might love to know about!

Bell Station

Canandaigua Vista

Skaneateles Highlands

Cayuga Cliffs

Who’s Out There?

Wildlife of the Finger Lakes region!

Creature Feature 1:
“A Winter Night’s Tail”

“Red (Newt) Alert!”

Creature Feature 3:
“Finger Lakes Creature Feature”

Creature Feature 2:
“Why Are Bobcats Bobbing?”

“Suckers in Springtime”

Saving Private Lands

Stories of conservation easements

Two Sisters and the Family Farm

Sheffield Farm (Ithaca) on WENY TV

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