Physical Therapy Team at Cayuga Medical Center

Photo: FLLT

How long have you been involved as a volunteer?

Two Years (Brian Lee)

What is your volunteer role at FLLT?  What kinds of work do you do here?

Trail maintenance and bridge building (Brian Lee)

Why do you volunteer?

To help preserve natural spaces; (Brian Lee)

To give back to one of the organizations that makes Ithaca a great place to live while having fun with colleagues outside of work; (Claire Agrawal)

It’s a great way to help our community and get some activity and exercise; (Allison Howe)

To give back to a great organization and improve areas that I utilize frequently! (Tyler Edwards)

What’s your favorite FLLT activity and/or preserve, and why? 

I love that there are so many unique preserves to explore. And, I love thinking these spaces are just waiting to be explored. (Brian Lee)

I loved taking part in one of the free guided hikes the FLLT put on as part of their 30th anniversary. It introduced me to a preserve I hadn’t yet seen, the Thayer Preserve, and helped me better understand what the FLLT does. (Claire Agrawal) 

Lick Brook—easily accessible and gorgeous! (Tyler Edwards)

Anything else you want to add?

I’m grateful that this group of passionate people work hard to protect natural areas and make them accessible to people like me. (Claire Agrawal)