Kevin Sio

Kevin Sio of Skaneateles, Onondaga County, NY.

What is your volunteer role at the Finger Lakes Land Trust?  What kinds of work do you do here?

I am a video production guy with nearly 40 years in the business.  I have begun documenting the development of the Hinchcliff Family Preserve for FLLT.  I hope to do more video support as time goes by.

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How long have you been involved as a volunteer?

2-3 years.

Why do you volunteer?

I strongly believe that the need to preserve wild and natural areas is more important than ever.  Once a piece of land is developed for housing or industry it is gone forever.  Plus working with FLLT gets me out of the house and into the outdoors.

What’s your favorite FLLT activity and/or preserve?  Why?

So many are interesting.  My top 2 at the moment are Carpenter’s Falls on the west side of Skaneateles Lake, and the Hinchcliff Family Preserve on the east side.  Carpenter’s, well who doesn’t love a waterfall.  Hinchcliff because it is fascinating to see a major project like this from the very beginnings.  The enthusiasm the staff and volunteers have for it is great to see.

Anything else you want to add?

Get involved in your community.