Sarah Fiorello

I love to provide opportunities for anyone to explore their natural environment more deeply.

Ed Epstein

I relish the opportunity to interact and build friendships with FLLT staff and other volunteers.

Marla Coppolino

I feel passionate about sharing my knowledge about land snails with others.

Scott D. Doyle

The landscapes of the Finger Lakes have shaped the memories of my youth.

Ian Golden

I have a vested interest in ensuring Ithaca’s natural resources remain for generations to come.

Merby & Lou Lego

It would be a shame to take these fields out of diversified agricultural production.

Ted Marks

I sincerely believe in the beauty of the Finger Lakes.

Lindsay France

I love checking in on the work of the beavers in the pond at Lindsay-Parsons.

Akiva Silver

I lead tree identification and appreciation walks at FLLT preserves.

Elaine Mansfield

This land supported my family for 37 years, and it will remain protected.

Betsy Darlington

I’ve been a volunteer and member since the Land Trust’s beginning in 1988.

Roger Hopkins

I enjoy working in the woods with good and knowledgeable people.