Maddy Walsh and Mike Suave

Maddy Walsh and Mike Suave of Danby, Tompkins County, NY

How did you acquire your land?

We were renting when the owners decided to sell their land (already protected with a conservation easement), and were given the option to buy. So, our dream home, with its sturdy 1830s barn beams, kind of fell into our laps. We’re so thrilled to be able to live on this precious land that we know will never be further developed.


Why is protecting your land important to you?

We’re proud that the land on which we live, originally inhabited by the Haudenosaunee, is protected by the Finger Lakes Land Trust, and we would happily recommend the easement as a conservation tool to anyone who owns land in this area.

Are you happy to own land that is protected forever?

We’re of the Woody Guthrie “This land is your land, this land is my land” school of thought when it comes to ownership, and we consider ourselves mere stewards and admirers of this property. We adore every tree, trillium, and tributary and feel very grateful to call this place our home for our brief time on earth, knowing that it will live on in its natural state long after us.