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FLLT Newsletters (2003)

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Fall 2003 (PDF)

Volume 15, Issue 4

  • Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve Keeps on Growing
  • A New Tool & A New Partnership
  • Perspectives
  • Keeton and Kingsbury Easements Further the Land Trust’s Efforts to Protect Ellis Hollow
  • Land Trust Launches Effort to Identify and Conserve Lands Within the Cayuga Watershed
  • Legislative News and Western Lakes Chapter Update
  • Volunteer Profile: Mary Woodsen
  • Creative Giving
  • A Closer Look: Lounging Lizards of the Finger Lakes
  • Much More!

Summer 2003 (PDF)

Volume 15, Issue 3

  • McIlroy Bird Sanctuary Grows with Recent Gift!
  • Perspectives
  • “Doc” Smith, Conservationist of the Year
  • Barb and Meg, Volunteer Team of the Year
  • Can One Person Make A Difference?
  • Scenes from our Nature Preserves
  • Stewardship and the Role of Planned Giving
  • Business Partner Profile: Contento’s
  • A Closer Look: Fantastic Fens
  • Much More!

Spring 2003 (PDF)

Volume 15, Issue 2

  • More than 500 Acres Added to Protected Land
  • Nature’s Gift Fundraising Effort Exceeds Goal for Western Lakes
  • Perspectives
  • Volunteer Profile: Barb Hamlin
  • Welcome 10,000 Delights
  • Farm and Forest Forever
  • Land Trust Landscapes: Preserves of the Finger Lakes Land Trust
  • What does nature mean to me?
  • A Closer Look: Spring Peepers
  • Much more!

Winter 2002-2003 (PDF)

Volume 15, Issue 1

  • Land Trust Founder Returns As Its New Director – a closer look at Andy Zepp
  • Lessons from the outdoor classroom
  • WATER The Greatest Treasure Of The Finger Lakes
  • Reflections on Conservation
  • Volunteer profile: John Smith
  • Business Partner Profile: Nolan’s Sporting Goods
  • A Closer Look: Citrus Groves & Giant Butterflies of Salmon Creek
  • Much More!