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Toxic Algae in the Finger Lakes

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Welcome to – an educational resource created by the nonprofit Finger Lakes Land Trust (FLLT) to inform our communities about an intensifying menace to water quality, public health, tourism, and local economies across the region.

In recent years, all 11 Finger Lakes have been struck by outbreaks of cyanobacteria, commonly called toxic algae or harmful algal blooms (HABs).  More than one million people depend on the lakes for their drinking water in Upstate New York.

Here we share toxic algae facts, resources, and actions to take.  We also report on how FLLT is working to secure our waters by collaborating with our partners as part of our broad Water Quality Initiative.

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Toxic Algae Facts for Everyone to Know

What is toxic algae? Is it even algae? What do we know about causes and solutions? What have we not learned yet?

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Video: “Bloom” by WCNY with FLLT

Watch "Bloom: The Toxic Threat to the Finger Lakes," by WCNY in collaboration with the Finger Lakes Land Trust and partners.

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Toxic Algae Outbreak Resources & News

Key internet resources about toxic algae outbreaks in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and beyond.

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Actions We All Must Take Together

Things that all concerned citizens can do now – and changes that will require cooperation across agencies and organizations.

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How Is FLLT Fighting Toxic Algae?

We protect water by saving the surrounding lands, creating new wetlands, collaborating with others, and educating the public.

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Report: Lakes, Farms, and Forests Forever

The regional conservation agenda published by the Finger Lakes Land Trust, identifying toxic algae as a top threat

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Maps: The Finger Lakes Watersheds

Maps created by the Finger Lakes Land Trust to enhance public understanding of the interconnected watersheds in the region.

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