FLLT Newsletters (2016)

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Winter 2015-2016 (PDF)

Volume 28, Issue 1

  • Conservation Easement Donation Ensures Integrity of Mark Twain’s Summer Home
  • Land Trust Secures Conservation Easement in the Skaneateles Lake Watershed
  • Congress Approves Enhanced Tax Incentive for Conservation Easements
  • Preserve Profile : Bock-Harvey Forest Preserve
  • A Closer Look: Snowy Owls

Spring 2016 (PDF)

Volume 28, Issue 2

  • Land Trust Acquires Otisco Shoreline Property
  • Conklin Gully Protected After Seven-Year Effort
  • Land Trust Earns Accreditation Status
  • Land Conservation Workshops Planned
  • A Closer Look: The Land Snail

Summer 2016 (PDF)

Volume 28, Issue 3

  • Land Gift from Longtime Corning Leaders Results in New Conservation Area
  • Partnership Protects Ithaca Drinking Water and Expands the Emerald Necklace
  • Two New Projects Will Expand Wildlife Habitat and Protect Owasco Lake
  • Land Trust Completes Fifth Acquisition at Bare Hill
  • A Closer Look: Ixodes scapularis: Nasty Little Things

Fall 2016 (PDF)

Volume 28, Issue 4

  • A Growing Network of Conserved Lands at the South End of Canandaigua Lake
  • Bear Swamp Creek Acquisition Adds to Protection of Skaneateles Lake
  • Emerald Necklace Grows Through Land Gift
  • Third Easement Donation Ensures Character of Mark Twain’s Summer Home
  • Conservation Easement Expansion Adds to Protected Lands in Seneca Lake Watershed
  • A Closer Look: Bewitched by Witch-hazel