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25,000 Acres Conserved – A Major Milestone for Open Space and Clean Waters in the Finger Lakes!

Dear Friends:  With your enduring support, the Finger Lakes Land Trust has surpassed a major milestone on our mission to protect this beautiful and abundant region – over 25,000 acres saved!

See the new video “Finger Lakes Forever” to put this achievement in the context of our 31 years working together.

Much has changed along the way, but FLLT is as committed as ever.  Andy Zepp, Executive Director, explains:  “The soul of the organization is the same.  It remains a pragmatic, grassroots group focused on conservation.”  Watch Andy and 11 fellow conservationists talk about the importance of our work and your essential support.

Photo: Melissa Groo

It all began in 1989, when a band of citizens came together to form the Finger Lakes Land Trust.  The first effort they undertook was to protect Lick Brook, a scenic gorge in Ithaca.  Today the Sweedler and Thayer Preserves are among our most popular and dramatic wild places.

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Since then, we have created over 35 nature preserves across the region, all free and open to the public year-round for quiet recreation.  In 2020, these have become even more significant, as people seek places to get outside like never before.

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We have also worked with private landowners to complete more than 150 conservation easements – agreements that limit development while leaving productive farmlands and precious woodlands in private ownership on local tax rolls.  Thank you, landowners!

When you look at FLLT by the Numbers, it’s amazing to think that all of these benchmarks started at zero!  Now we report 25,227 acres, 537 miles of boundaries, 46.1 miles of trails, and over 3 miles of protected lakeshore!  Many of these special places are maintained with the help of over 200 volunteers!

You can review our top priority projects at  During our $100,000 Challenge, an anonymous family will match any increase over your 2019 giving, up to $100,000, while new members will have their gifts DOUBLED!

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