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Your New FLLT Web Site!

Dear Members and Friends, welcome to the new Land Trust site, where you can find hundreds of beautiful photos, better online giving, and an interactive map of nature preserves and trails!  You are currently in our news and events section.  Also see the home page.

It is now easier than ever for you to make a difference!  You can get involved and get outdoors:

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SEND YOUR FEEDBACK about the web site so we can keep making it better.  Here are a few highlights of what you’ll find on the new FLLT.ORG:


LEARN THE LAND — You can explore the inspiring Finger Lakes region through our free public nature preserves and online conservation materials.  You can Take a Closer Look at the amazing plants and animals of the region.  You can get a better understanding of our mission and vision, see our Conservation FAQ, and read our Conservation Strategies.



SAVE MORE LAND — This is where you really shine.  If you love the lands and waters like we do, you might ask, “How can I help?”  Well, you can give and join, protect your land, and volunteer with us.  You can see your impact and read people profiles of featured members, landowners, and volunteers.  Also watch this video about a conservation project on local farm land.


GET THE LATEST — You can stay in touch with land and water conservation in the Finger Lakes region on our News & Events page.  Jump right to the events calendar to make your spring and summer plans.  You can also download newsletters, conservation plans, annual reports, and other free FLLT publications.  Sign up for our free email newsletter to stay in touch.


GIVE TO FLLT — With your help, we have permanently protected over 17,000 acres in the Finger Lakes region, and together we can save more.  You can become a member or simply donate to FLLT with our secure new form.  You can also make someone’s day by giving them a gift membership.  You can donate in honor or memory of a friend.

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Thanks for exploring the new FLLT.ORG.  Please send your feedback.  Learn more about the site, including how the project was funded and who contributed:

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