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The Living Land: Monthly News for November 2018

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Photo: Chris Ray

89 More Forested Acres in Ithaca’s Emerald Necklace Conserved Forever

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Give the Gift of Conservation to Friends and Family this Holiday Season:  Membership in the Finger Lakes Land Trust

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Double Your Conservation Impact During Our Giving Challenge

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Thank You, Volunteers!  (Over 200 of You!)  We Could Not Do It Without You!

Photo: Chris Ray

Deadline Approaching – Send Us Your Best Pics for Our 30th Anniversary Photo Contest by December 31, 2018!


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It is hunting season in New York.  Please be mindful that many parks, forests, and nature preserves allow hunting and trapping in designated periods.  See the page about hiker safety in hunting season on our outdoor recreation web site Go Finger Lakes, especially this advisory from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC):

“DEC encourages every outdoor enthusiast to wear blaze orange, pink, or another bright color, especially during fall and winter.  Doing so will allow these individuals to be seen more easily and from greater distances.  Data from hunting-related shooting incidents show us that hunters that wear hunter orange are seven times safer.  If it makes sense for hunters, it makes sense for other outdoor enthusiasts as well.”

Some Finger Lakes Land Trust preserves allow hunting – exclusively with special permit issued by FLLT.  For those preserves, a hunting alert is posted in orange on the preserve page.  Before you visit, please check the appropriate preserve page which you can find through our interactive preserves map.  “Be safe and be seen” as you explore our region.  Fall and winter are wonderful times to Go Finger Lakes!

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