Give Other Types of Real Estate

You can support our land and water conservation programs while deriving significant benefits when you donate real estate.

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Can I donate other types of real estate, such as a house, to the Land Trust?

The Land Trust also accepts gifts of other types of real estate — homes, farms, building lots, commercial property, or other land unsuitable for permanent protection — that we can use to create program support for land conservation while providing significant benefits to the donor.

What are the benefits of donating real estate to the Land Trust?

  • Simplification of your estate and savings on estate taxes
  • Charitable deductions on your income taxes
  • Savings on property taxes
  • Personal satisfaction: real estate donation is a way for you to make a contribution to an organization which is dedicated to maintaining the natural features of the landscape in your community.

How can I find out more information?

Call the main office at (607) 275-9487 or email to talk about your conservation goals.

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