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Make a Bequest or Living Trust

Many landowners wish to retain maximum flexibility during their lifetimes, and they choose to carry out their conservation plans through a bequest or a living trust.

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Can I make a gift to the Land Trust but still use my land?

A landowner can conserve important lands by donating property or donating a conservation easement through their will.

A bequest is a provision in the landowner’s will or codicil (a will amendment) that instructs the estate’s executor to convey land or a conservation easement to the Land Trust.  A living trust can achieve the same results but avoids the probate process.

Both the bequest and the living trust can assure the permanent protection of the land, permit the donor to control the property during his/her lifetime, and may reduce the donor’s taxable estate.

If you wish to donate property or a conservation easement through your will, please contact the Land Trust so we can work with you to create a conservation plan.  After discussing your plans with us, the Land Trust should be named in your will as: ‘The Finger Lakes Land Trust, Inc., a nonprofit organization, incorporated in New York State, and with the business address of 202 E. Court Street, NY, 14850.

If you name the Land Trust in your will, you become a member of the White Pine Society.

How can I find out more information?

Call the main office at (607) 275-9487 or email to talk about your conservation goals.

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