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Ways of Giving

There are many ways to support the Land Trust’s mission.  Choose the one that works best for you.


Cash or check is the most common asset used to make a charitable gift.  A gift of cash is deductible at its full value; e.g., an outright gift of $1,000 is deductible as $1,000 provided that no goods or services were received for the gift.

Stocks and mutual funds

Publicly traded securities, like stocks and mutual funds, which have been held for more than one year, are deductible at their fair market value on the date of the gift.  There is no capital gains tax when appreciated securities are given to a qualified public charity like the Land Trust.  Securities held less than one year and a day can be donated, but the deduction will be limited to the donor’s tax basis.  If the donor were to sell a short-term security for a gain, the gain would be taxable as ordinary income, NOT at the capital gains tax rate.  Securities that have depreciated in value can be sold by the owner, and the proceeds given to the Land Trust as a tax deductible charitable gift.  The donor can claim the capital loss and also claim a charitable deduction for the amount contributed to the Land Trust.  Please call the Land Trust at 607-275-9487 or email for specific stock donation instructions. Also, if you make a gift of stock to the Land Trust, please let us know!

Employer Matching Contributions

Many companies have a matching gift program to support employee interests and demonstrate their commitment to the community. Ask your human resources or personnel department for a matching gift form to enclose with your contribution.

Donor-Advised Funds

If you’ve created a Donor Advised Fund, you can advise gifts from the fund to the Land Trust at a time convenient to you.

Real Estate

For tax purposes, gifts of land and other real property are treated similar to securities.  A gift of appreciated real estate to the Land Trust is deductible at its appraised (fair market) value at the time the gift is made, and the donor is not subject to any capital gains tax on the gift to charity.  Transferring a gift of land demands due diligence by the landowner(s) and the Land Trust; if you are contemplating a gift of land, please contact us well in advance so that we can make sure we are in a position to accept the gift.  See more information about gifts of land for conservation and gifts of other real estate.

Retirement Plan Benefits

IRA’s, 401-k’s, 403-b’s and other pension plans and retirement accounts are great resources for charitable giving.  The Land Trust may be named as a beneficiary of all or any part of a retirement plan.  After the owner of the retirement plan dies, the designated benefits will be paid to the Land Trust.  Because the Land Trust is tax-exempt the benefits are completely free of income tax, and the donor’s estate gets an estate tax charitable deduction.  The donor’s estate would then have other less tax-disadvantaged non-retirement assets to leave to family members.  Using retirement plans for the charitable giving portion of an estate is a “win-win” for the donor, the family, and the Land Trust.

Workplace Giving

One of the most simple and efficient ways to support the Finger Lakes Land Trust is through an Earth Share workplace giving campaign.


Our Tax ID (EIN) Number is 22-2983688.



Earth Share raises vital funding through environmental workplace giving campaigns nationwide on behalf of local, national and international environmental and conservation nonprofit organizations.

Giving as a Federal Employee

As a member of Earth Share, Finger Lakes Land Trust participates annually in the largest workplace giving campaign in the nation – the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for employees of the federal government and the U.S. military. If you are a federal government or military employee and would like to give to FLLT through the CFC, please enter CFC code #71966 on your pledge card during the next fund drive.

Giving Through Your United Way Campaign

If your company offers United Way and Earth Share is not listed in your company’s annual giving campaign brochure, you may still donate to Earth Share and any of Earth Share’s member organizations by writing in a “donor choice” option. Please ask your campaign manager for more information. You may also be interested in helping to introduce Earth Share to your employer. Earth Share runs successfully side-by-side with United Way in hundreds of campaigns across the country. Please email Earth Share for more information:

Find out more about Earth Share

Please visit Earth Share’s website at for more information about Earth Share and making a difference the future of the Finger Lakes region.