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FLLT Newsletters (2004)

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Fall 2004 (PDF)

Volume 16, Issue 4

  • Land Gift and Partnership Lead to Protection of Canandaigua Vista
  • Hughes Easement Gift Lauches Ridgeline Conservation Effort
  • Escape to Ellis Hollow Preserve
  • Perspectives
  • Legislative News
  • Fundraising Makes Key Addition to Lindsay-Parsons Preserve Possible
  • New Trail Created at High Vista Preserve
  • Business Partner Profile: Messenger Post Newspapers
  • A Closer Look: The Thrush in My Woods
  • Much More!

Summer 2004 (PDF)

Volume 16, Issue 3

  • New Easements Add to Protected Lands
  • Grants Fuel Watershed Protection Efforts
  • A Walk Through Nundawao: The Great Hill Preserve
  • Perspectives
  • Legislative News
  • Internship Profiles Community-Based Land Conservation
  • Volunteer of the Year: Nick Gavrielides
  • Conservationists of the Year: Thomas and Maria Eisner
  • Business Partner Profile: True, Walsh, & Miller
  • A Closer Look: Enigma of the Gray Treefrog
  • Much More!

Spring 2004 (PDF)

Volume 16, Issue 2

  • Plymouth Woods is Land Trust’s 24th Preserve
  • Land Trust Partners with Tompkins County to Secure State Farmland Protection Grant
  • A Walk Through the Parker Nature Preserve
  • Perspectives
  • Legislative News
  • 2003 Donor Thank You
  • Volunteer Profile: Pam Maurey
  • A Closer Look: Saw-whet Owls Sound Off
  • Much More!

Winter 2003-2004 (PDF)

Volume 16, Issue 1

  • Land Trust Preserves Grow Through New Acquisitions
  • Foundation Grants Fuel Watershed Protection Efforts
  • Western Lakes Chapter Update
  • Etna Preserve Happenings
  • Reflections of Conservation: Alien Invaders
  • Legislative News
  • Business Partner Profile: Parksite Plunkett-Webster
  • Volunteer Profile: Nick Gavrielides
  • A Closer Look: Sandhill Cranes
  • Much More!

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