Talks & Treks: Watch Honey Bees Choose Their Home

Photo: Zachary Huang


10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Roy H. Park Preserve (north entrance) – town of Dryden


None required — free and open to the public


Tom Seeley, Cornell University biologist and the world’s leading expert on honey bee behavior, will provide the rare opportunity to watch and discuss the fascinating, democratic process of a honey bee swarm choosing its home.  This outing will involve watching, up close, a live swarm of honey bees.  Although honey bees can sting, swarm bees are homeless and are not defensive, so the risk of being stung is exceedingly low.  Honey bees are fair-weather creatures, so this talk will only be held if the weather is warm and dry at the appointed time.  Check our web site for updates. Please contact the Land Trust with any questions at  (607) 275-9487 or

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From Ithaca, take Rt. 13 north towards Dryden.  Go approximately 12 miles and turn right on Irish Settlement Rd.  Continue on Irish Settlement approximately 5 miles to find the NORTH parking area —  where the boardwalk is — on the left (approx. 0.5 mile after Hammond Hill Rd).

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