Photo: Chuck Feil

Conservation Plan: Seneca County

Download:  A Greenprint for Seneca County (PDF)


Published March 2010

Prepared by Kristine West for the Finger Lakes Land Trust

The Seneca County Greenprint is a plan that identifies links between the county’s natural resources, its economic development and its overall quality of life.  Its purpose is to promote the conservation of environmental assets which underpin Seneca County’s economic, cultural and environmental vitality.  The key components of this greenprint are lands vital to water quality, agriculture, compatible tourism, and the health of eight natural resource focus areas.  Descriptions of each component include an assessment of the resource and potential threats to its long term viability. Recommendations are made for each resource to promote conservation through collaborative and community based efforts.

Sprawling development patterns threaten the Finger Lakes Region, degrading agricultural viability, environmental quality and the rural lifestyle held dear to area residents.  Given its distance from major urban centers, Seneca County has been spared intense development pressures thus far.  Nonetheless, sprawl is evident throughout the county — particularly along major travel corridors and in scenic lakeshore areas.

Download:  A Greenprint for Seneca County (PDF)

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