View from Cayuga Cliffs. Photo: Jeff Katris

The Cayuga Cliffs Project: Saving Spectacular Lands Above Cayuga’s Waters!

The Finger Lakes Land Trust presents an extraordinary new chance to protect land and water in the Cayuga Lake watershed north of Ithaca.  With your help, we will save this spectacular site in Lansing that boasts 243 acres of meadows, woodlands, gorges, waterfalls, and lake views.  The effort will conserve over 4,000 feet of shoreline directly across from Taughannock Falls State Park!  Please help if you can:

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Taughannock Point as seen from Cayuga Cliffs.  Photo: Jeff Katris

The Cayuga Cliffs Project will create a new nature preserve, free and open to everyone, only minutes from downtown Ithaca – and squarely in the viewshed of Taughannock Point.  The Finger Lakes Land Trust is raising money to purchase the property, open it to the public, and steward the land forever.

Photo: Sharon Heller

Not only is the property remarkable for its size, striking beauty, and shoreline, but for its ecological value as well.  The upland portions of the site stabilize soils, preventing erosion and nutrient loading into the lake, while providing wildlife habitat for myriad species.

The National Audubon Society designates the shoreline as an Important Bird Area, and the property contains substantial portions of two county-designated Unique Natural Areas:  Lake Cliffs North of Myers Point and Hidden Glens.

Photo: Bill Hecht

The new preserve will secure superb public access for low-impact uses including hiking, skiing, and wildlife observation.  The open meadows distinguish it from many of our regional parks that are largely forested.

Photo: Bill Hecht

The gently sloping landscape of the property offers an opportunity for more moderate recreation than many of the local gorge parks, and affords sweeping views of Cayuga Lake.

The project will safeguard multiple creeks and streams, creating an important water quality buffer on these tributaries that flow into the lake.  The Finger Lakes Land Trust plans to work in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to restore small wetlands and vernal pools on the property, improving wildlife habitat and water quality.

Restoration also offers an opportunity to engage in public education about pressing environmental concerns for the lake and surrounding communities.  See our Water Quality Hub and toxic algae pages.

Photo: Jeff Katris

The Finger Lakes Land Trust is raising money to purchase the property, open it to the public, and provide for long-term stewardship.

Photo: Jeff Katris

You can see the map of other Land Trust areas that have been protected and opened to everyone.

Photo: Jeff Katris

With your help, we can permanently save this rare and beautiful piece of the Cayuga Lake watershed and Taughannock Park viewshed:

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