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Brochure: The Emerald Necklace

Download:  Emerald Necklace Brochure (PDF)



Extending in an arc around Ithaca, more than 50,000 acres of conserved land stretches from the Finger Lakes National Forest in the west to Hammond Hill and Yellow Barn State Forests in the east.  From above, these public lands look like emeralds dotting the landscape.  They provide clear water to both Cayuga Lake and the Susquehanna River basin and important habitat for an extraordinary variety of wildlife, including wide-roaming species like black bear, migratory songbirds like scarlet tanagers, and watchable wildlife, like playful river otters.

These lands also boast abundant recreational opportunities for Finger Lakes residents and visitors alike.  Hunters and fishermen have long been familiar with the majestic green hillsides and the clean, clear creeks.  For hikers, 80 miles of the Finger Lakes Trail link this “gorges” terrain and many of the state forests have miles of marked, multi-use trails.  Bird watching, fishing, biking, trail running, and cross-country skiing opportunities abound.

The Finger Lakes Land Trust and a variety of public and private sector partners have launched an ambitious effort to conserve an uninterrupted green corridor that will extend across the hills and valleys of the necklace, while also providing for appropriate public access to these lands…

Download:  Emerald Necklace Brochure (PDF)

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