Photo: Pete Wiedmann

Afoot in the Field (Vol 10, Issue 1)

Download:  Afoot in the Field, Volume 10, Issue 1 (PDF)

Published Winter 2019


A few of our conservation easement landowners happen to know a lot about bees. Why pay attention to bees? The sweet, unique taste of honey is one obvious reason that all of us can appreciate. But perhaps more importantly, bees–honeybees and other bees–are incredibly important pollinators. Many flowering plants depend on insects and other animals for their continued fruit production and species reproduction (and hence survival). Fruit and other produce that we enjoy and which contribute hugely to agricultural economies, depend on this. The importance of animal pollinators, and how to protect
and provide habitat for them, has become a hot topic in recent years for not only beekeepers and farmers, but also ecologists and natural area managers.

Download:  Afoot in the Field, Volume 10, Issue 1 (PDF)

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