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Give Your Land for Conservation

An outright gift of land for conservation is one of the most generous legacies a landowner can make to future generations.

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Can I donate my land to the Land Trust?

Throughout Central New York, there are parks, shorelines, forests and scenic open spaces that are enjoyed by the public because of the vision of conservation-minded landowners.

A gift of land to a nonprofit organization such as the Land Trust is the simplest way to make a gift or real estate while receiving excellent benefits in tax savings.  A land donation can be a means of obtaining permanent protection and may also support the Land Trust financially.

If I donate my land, will it be used as a nature preserve?

Depending on your type of real estate and your intention as the donor, such a gift would either be retained by the Land Trust as a preserve, resold with a conservation easement on it, or resold to provide maximum funds for other land protection projects.  The Land Trust never resells land without the permission of the land donor.

What are the benefits of donating land to the Land Trust?

  • Option of protecting your land—forever
  • Simplification of your estate and savings on estate taxes
  • Charitable deductions on your income taxes
  • Savings on property taxes
  • Personal satisfaction: land donation is a way for you to make a contribution to an organization which is dedicated to maintaining the natural features of the landscape in your community

How can I find out more information about donating land?

Call the main office at (607) 275-9487 or email to talk about your conservation goals.

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