Brochure: Eastern Finger Lakes

Download: Eastern Finger Lakes Brochure (PDF)


The Finger Lakes Land Trust (FLLT) recently acquired 900 feet of pristine Skaneateles Lake shoreline along with 90 acres of hillside forest. The property is adjacent to our Cora Kampfe Dickinson Preserve, such that FLLT now owns and manages 2,200 feet of contiguous shoreline here. The recent acquisition is especially noteworthy for its value to water quality. In addition to shoreline on the lake, the property features 4,600 feet of frontage on Barber Gulf – a significant tributary to Skaneateles Lake.

FLLT is also working with partners to implement two projects that will help mitigate runoff: at the edge of a hay field on the property, we will partner with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to create a wetland that will enhance wildlife habitat while retaining stormwater runoff; and, along a roadside ditch, we intend to create a swale that will reduce nutrient-laden runoff entering Skaneateles Lake.

Download:  Eastern Finger Lakes Brochure (PDF)

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