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Afoot in the Field (Vol 8, Issue 2)

Download:  Afoot in the Field, Volume 8, Issue 2 (PDF)

Published Summer 2017

Summer 2017


On August 7th this year, the Finger Lakes Land Trust will take another big step forward in growing our stewardship program. That is when our first full-time staff Conservation Easement Steward, Hannah George, will begin her new job with FLLT, working under my direction to play an integral role in meeting our long-term conservation easement obligations and responsibilities.

As conservation easement landowners, most of you will get to know Hannah in the coming year or
two as she begins making annual easement monitoring visits to most of the 150+ properties that are subject to conservation easements and deed restrictions; in some cases taking over for
Volunteer Stewards who have generously assisted the Land Trust for many years.

Download:  Afoot in the Field, Volume 8, Issue 2 (PDF)

You can download Afoot in the Field, our biannual stewardship pamphlet for landowners, in PDF format.  See all issues here.