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Afoot in the Field (Vol 3, Issue 2)

Download:  Afoot in the Field, Volume 3, Issue 2 (PDF)

Published Summer 2012


From the Introduction:

At the end of June, the Finger Lakes Land Trust welcomed our newest staff member, Jason Gorman, who will serve as Land Steward and assist with a wide variety of nature preserve and conservation easement stewardship functions.  With 31 nature preserves totaling approximately 4,000 acres and 101 conservation easements and deed restrictions totaling approximately 7,900 acres, this addition to our team is much-needed and will enable us to continue undertaking a variety of land management activities and meeting our important conservation agreement responsibilities.

It just so happens that Jason has a background in ornithology, and more specifically, grassland birds.  His knowledge and joy of observing (and hearing) birds comes from work with the Audubon Society NY, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Braddock Bay Raptor Research.  It is only fitting that we invite Jason to share with us some of his knowledge of grassland birds and how to manage for them.  The meadows and pastures that provide grassland bird habitat also benefit butterflies and other animals, and of course they contribute significantly to the landscape diversity and beautiful scenery of our region!

Download:  Afoot in the Field, Volume 3, Issue 2 (PDF)

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