Photo: Nigel Kent

Afoot in the Field (Vol 12, Issue 2)

Download:  Afoot in the Field, Volume 12, Issue 2 (PDF)

Published Summer 2021


Last summer was a bad year for the defoliation of the oak-dominated forests of the western Finger Lakes by gypsy moth caterpillars. Many trees were bare. Frass was falling everywhere. People were talking about it and concerned for the health of the trees. Soon, the moths were flying. Quickly the trees became covered with egg masses up and down trunks and limbs, as high as you could see in most of the trees. Even a blue spruce on the new FLLT Canandaigua Vista Preserve was defoliated.
What caterpillar in its right mind would eat tough spruce needles?

Download:  Afoot in the Field, Volume 12, Issue 2 (PDF)

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