What Lives in Grimes Glen?

Photo: Staff

Photo: Staff


9:45 AM


Grimes Glen County Park – village of Naples


No registration required.


Cosponsored by the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association. 
Environmental Educators Edith Davey and Steve Lewandowski will lead a workshop focused on macroinvertebrates – creatures without backbones but visible to the naked eye. The presence or absence of certain indicator species of aquatic life is a definite marker of a stream’s health. Great for kids and adults alike. Be sure to wear shoes you don’t mind getting wet.

Please meet Edith and Steve at the mouth of Grimes Glen at 9:45 (at the end of Vine Street in the Village of Naples). Turn between the Naples Valley Theater and the Fire Hall.


Grimes Glen is at the end of Vine Street in the Village of Naples.

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